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Caravaggio Tour

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Caravaggio Tour: life and artworks of a master

This tour is led by a fun, informative and local tour guide that speaks great English and is top-rated online with dozens of raving reviews.


ichelangelo Merisi (1573-1610), the early-baroque painter also known as Caravaggio, was one of the most influential artists in history, and Rome proudly owns a consistent portion of his masterpieces. Although he is renowned as the “cursed” artist who committed murder and then escaped from Rome, the quality and peculiarity of his work is a one-of-a-kind in history, and many historians consider him as the man who defined Baroque art in Italy. In our three-and-a-half hour walking tour, you’ll have the chance to admire the art of Caravaggio as well as his habitat, led by a skilled historian that will let you understand both the innovation and the critics he triggered.

Our tour is specifically centred on those Caravaggio’s painting that still lie in the original sites they were created for. Three relevant churches at the heart of Rome will be our destination, Santa Maria del Popolo, San Luigi dei Francesi, and San’t Agostino. In between, you’ll walk by the same, mostly unchanged, streets that Caravaggio used to visit in the fifteenth century. Back then, it was a vivacious, sometimes dangerous environment, from which Caravaggio controversially drew his inspiration and models.

First, our guide will take you to Santa Maria del Popolo, in which two masterpieces by Caravaggio are paired with other paintings by Annibale Carracci, his stylistic rival. In this place, it will be possible to have a bird’s eye view over the Baroque period, while discussing the main themes Caravaggio dealt with. Then, passing by Piazza del Popolo, we will reach the Tridente, the neighbourhood in which Caravaggio used to live and work, where we will discuss his painting approach, his education and the rumours that were told about him all across his career, including an accusation of murder.

Then, the tour proceeds to San Luigi dei Francesi, home to the French congregation in Rome. The church hosts the wonderful series of Saint Matthew, Caravaggio’s first public altarpiece. Here, we’ll have a further discussion over the artistic concepts that made Caravaggio deserve his place in history, including his ground-breaking use of chiaroscuro, his powerful, peculiar use of contrast between light and dark. For a grand finale, our guide will lead to Sant’Agostino, a church that hosts a wonderful, off-the-beaten-track, late work by Caravaggio.

This seminar is aimed at providing clients with a clear understanding of both Caravaggio’s style and the other stunning pieces of art dating back to such an important period in the history of Rome.

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